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Shopping can be frustrating. Especially for the girl on a budget of any kind. We want the designer threads but we don’t have the hundreds of dollars to drop on a top. We want the price of Forever 21 but we aren’t 16 anymore. It seems to become a catch 22 when shopping in your 20’s and beyond. Investment pieces, or trendy pieces that won’t hold their quality?

It was after years of frustrating shopping that owners Amy Morris and Lauren Pusateri decided to join forces and create Medley, LLC.  Both graduates from the University of Missouri, Amy with a major and background in apparel and marketing and Lauren with a major in photography, communications and marketing. It is with these 2 owners with 2 different views on shopping and clothing that they created a perfect medley in Medley, LLC.

We hope our customers find Medley to be their go-to site for pieces that aren’t only trendy but versatile. Pieces that you can wear to work and easy wear out for a cocktail with your girlfriends. Pieces that won’t go out of style the next week, but something that says you have a pulse on what’s trending. An outfit that looks like a hundred bucks but cost you a fraction of that.

Medley, LLC is a Kansas City-based, female-owned online clothing store. We sell affordable fashion for your everyday life.

We ship nationwide, $5 flat fee.

Questions? Reach us at: